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Passa Restaurant

… Or the Art of using your senses with food to create happiness

With the Culinary Team of PASSA Restaurant, we have a passion for fine dining and the discovery of premium quality foods, here in Koh Samui. We have chosen to work with several local producers. Supported by a creative and dynamic team, each meal is carefully prepared to awake all your “senses“. A variety of spices and condiments add a flavor of international taste.

From now on, let your senses awaken and guide you…


Enjoy your Experience with us…

Open Every Day 7am – 10 pm


Let your senses awaken and guide you…

The SMELL….. Enchanted by a sauce combining ingredients in a sumptuous aroma

The SIGHT…..A work of art where colors and shapes come together in our preparations…

The TOUCH….. Your tongue discovering the textures and freshness of our food…

The TASTE…..The discovery of new flavors…

The Hearing….. Listening to the crispness dance in your mouth…


What we serve…


Potatoes mash. Mango salsa. Spinach. Sun-dried tomato. Sweet & sour sauce.

450 THB

Fried Soft Shell Crab

2 pieces. Thai eggplant. Lime leaf. Coconut. Green curry.

450 THB

Black Angus Beef

120 days Australian Beef. Truffle mashed potatoes. Thai mushrooms. Truffle-jus.

690 THB

King Prawns

Sweet potato. Thai stir fried-vegatable. Basil leaf. King prawns

320 THB


And Many More…

Passa restaurant

Premium Quality Food

Just Amazing

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