Behind the name

The Legend of Khwan

Once upon a time,

a baby appeared in a lotus, not far from a rice plantation. Her screams caught the attention of a farmer working nearby. When he got closer, he noticed the child was not crying but laughing. She was a lively baby girl and her skin was as white as rice powder.

When the man brought the baby back home, his wife told him :

– How can we feed her ? The rice harvest is bad and I am too sick to work.

But the man insisted. He put the baby in his wife’s arms. The very moment she looked into the little creature’s eyes, the deep beauty of her soul got through her. She almost felt healed from her sickness by simply touching the baby’s skin. And she was indeed. The farmers hailed it as a miracle.

The happy couple decided to name her Khwan.

As the years went by, Khwan grew up with the love of her parents. Though times were every so often hard, and plates sometimes as empty as the dry lands, the family felt blessed by fortune thanks to the joy Khwan brought into their lives.

When Khwan turned 21, her grace was already famous in the area.

It was Loi Krathong’s day and Khwan was folding banana leaves to make floating flower crowns. The full moon was shining especially fiercely and its reflection on the river were brightening up Khwan’s face.

A young man came to her and asked if he could buy one the Krathongs.

– They are not for sale, she replied gently. I prepare them for my family and neighbors.

– I will pay one hundred times the price, he insisted.

She lifted her chin at him and just smiled. She did not know he was the Prince of the southern lands and she just said :

– I am sorry, Sir. There is no price for them. But I can give you one.

The Prince was surprised by the grace of the young lady’s smile and by her friendliness. He grasped the Krathong she was offering him and added :

– May I know your name ?

– Khwan, she replied with her eyes sparkling under the moonlight.

The Prince felt so touched by her intense look that he said :

– I could never forget your soulful eyes and your radiant smile. My only wish is to marry you.

Even though Khwan had no idea who he was, and little did she know he was one of the wealthiest man in the region, she felt as if she could trust him.

So she accepted.

Her parents were never sick nor poor again, neither were their friends and neighbors.

Since that day, people believe that Khwan bestows upon us not only grace but also luck and fortune.

They say that if we let the beautiful and generous soul residing within us shine, miracles can happen.

Values and Ethics

In Thai culture, Khwan is something intangible, but spiritually significant. It is something that resides within us. This is what animates us everyday and what we wish you to experience during your stay in our Private Pool Villas in Samui.

Our boutique and gallery resort is rehabilitating the historic potential of Thai Art in Maenam, Koh Samui

Our aim is to support the city’s renewal and serve as an additional catalyst for culture, entertainment and economic growth.

We believe that preserved and harmonious nature, refined art and genuine friendliness are the core values for magical holidays. Sharing the best of Thailand with our guests is our main concern. With such a beautiful scenery, no doubt you will experience unforgettable and unique moments amongst us.

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